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Gladys provides both face-to-face and online counselling to individuals, couples and families, depending on your specific needs. Face-to-face is most appropriate if you live in London, Ontario, Canada, or the surrounding area, while online counselling is available to clients regardless of location, for those with mobility challenges or for those who find counselling over the computer more convenient.

If you are an Ontario resident you may qualify, through work benefits, for full or partial coverage for counselling provided by an MSW-trained* counsellor. Check with your benefits provider to see if you qualify. In addition, counselling sessions with an MSW-trained counsellor in Ontario are tax-free.

For those experiencing an immediate suicidal or psychiatric crisis, online or face-to-face counselling is not recommended. Please contact a local crisis hotline or go directly to emergency services at a local hospital.

*(Master of Social Work)


Gladys offers face-to-face counselling at her office on the second floor of 217 Wharncliffe Rd S (The Cooperators building) in London, ON. Free parking is available in the parking lot beside the building.


Booking a session can be completed by accessing the online booking option or by calling Gladys directly. Sessions are offered as 50-minute or 75-minute blocks of time. New clients are requested to arrive 5-10 minutes early for their session in order to complete initial paperwork.


Payment for sessions can be completed before or after the counselling session with cash, cheque, debit or credit card (Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Discover). The cost of counselling sessions is available on a sliding scale fee, dependent on family gross income.



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Gladys offers online sessions for convenience and accessibility, particularly for those with limited counselling options in their area, mobility challenges in getting to in-person appointments, or those who might prefer to receive counselling support online.

Counselling can also be provided over the phone if a computer or internet is not readily available.

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Virtual Counselling