Imagine being in a place where you feel safe, supported and
accepted, in a way that moves you to tell your story to
someone who listens to you fully. Most of us rarely experience
this. However, this is the experience Gladys strives to
collaboratively create with each of her clients: a space of
understanding, curiosity and hope, one that naturally leads to
the uncovering of answers to life’s difficulties and to the
resolving of anxieties.
Gladys counsels with a wholistic and whole-person perspective
of the individual within family, friendship and community
circles. Her counselling approach integrates the therapeutic
modalities of Somatic Experiencing (Registered) and
attachment theory, grounded in a stance of anti-oppression.
She practices with joy and the belief in each person’s natural
capacity to heal and change.
Gladys provides counselling to adult individuals who struggle
with a variety of issues, including trauma, depression,
anxiety, relationship difficulties or self-esteem, to name a few. 

Education and Experience

Gladys graduated with a Masters of Social Work degree from
Wilfrid Laurier University in 2013, with a specialization in
Clinical Work with Individuals, Couples and Families. Gladys is
presently in training at an advanced level in
Somatic Experiencing (registered), a body-oriented approach
to the healing of trauma and stress disorders. Additionally, she
has trained in the area of intergenerational trauma.
Gladys opened her counselling practice, Trees Can Dance
Counselling, in 2017. Her previous work experience includes
doing counselling/social work in a variety of settings, including
Daya Counselling (London), Patricia Berendsen & Associates
Trauma Healing Centre (London), Elgin Counselling &

Mediation (St. Thomas) and London Health Science Centre -
Victoria Hospital (London).
Gladys is a Registered Social Worker (RSW) with the Ontario
College of Social Workers and Social Service Workers
(OCSWSSW), a regulatory body administered by the provincial
government to regulate the practice of social work in Ontario.
For more information about Gladys’ registration in OCSWSSW,
contact them at 1 877 828 9380. Gladys is also registered with
the Ontario Association of Social Workers.

About Gladys

Gladys is an adventurer, a lover of good food and great music,
a pianist, gardener, runner and photographer. She loves being
a mom to her 2 kids and partner to her life-mate/best friend.
She has also surprised herself recently by falling in love with
her puppy, despite never having thought of herself as being a
dog person.